Wood, Bone & Leather

Beautiful Wood

Bone & Antler


Stainless, Glass & Coated Metal

Stainless Steel

Extremely durable, engraves beautifully


Lasered then back-filled.

Coated Metals

Removing coatings leaves a very clean look.

Custom Engraving


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What can we laser?

Wood, Acrylic, Fabric, Glass, Coated Metals, Ceramic, Delrin, Cloth, Leather, Marble, MatteBoard, Melamine, Paper, Mylar, Pressboard, Rubber, Wood, Veneer, Fiberglass, Painted Metals, Tile, Plastic, Cork, Corian, Anodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel and more.

If you don't see it listed here, just ask. We'll find out for you.

See all of the things we have lasered so far.